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S&R named System Integrator for eRCM Express

eRCM Express


Real-Time Reciprocating Gas Compressor Modeling

S&R Controls LP is an approved ACI Services system integrator for the eRCM Express.

The eRCM Express™ is in an integrated, real-time, variable measurement, monitoring system for reciprocating compressor modeling (RCM) technology.  Real-time live data is fed from the unit control panel PLC to the eRCM Express. The eRCM model returns real-time gas compressor performance and safety prediction outputs.

eRCM Express


Advantages of the eRCM Express


  • Allow reciprocating compressor to achieve full performance.
  • Removes operation map constraints.
  • Calculates full rod loads and pin reversals per throw.
  • Predicts safe performance across unit’s full operation map.
  • Optimizes capacity and reduces cost.
  • Provides OEM approved compatible modeling.
  • Helps prevent continued operations in high mechanical stress.
  • Models single and multi-stage compressors.
  • Regulate capacity according to nomination targets.


Features of the eRCM Express


  • Industrial Computer running eRCM Modeling Software
  • Rated for installation inside the compressor unit control panel in Class 1, Division 2 areas
  • Modbus/TCP Ethernet communications integrated with the PLC
  • Utilize single-stage and multi-stage compressor models interchangeability


The PLC sends the following real-time data to the eRCM Express:

  • Suction Pressure
  • Discharge Pressure
  • Speed
  • Suction Temperature (per stage)
  • Current Load Step


The eRCM sends the following real-time results to the PLC:

  • Load Step Errors (Safety limits exceeded, per load step)
  • Predicted Load BHP (per load step)
  • Predicted Compressor Flow (per load step)
  • Performance data per stage
  • Performance data, including Rod Loads, per throw
  • Next recommended load step up
  • Next recommended load step down
  • Minimum safe speed at current load step and conditions
  • Maximum safe speed at current load step and conditions
  • Minimum safe suction pressure at current load step and conditions
  • Maximum safe suction pressure at current load step and conditions
  • Isentropic Efficiency at current operating point


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