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Conveyor Control Panels

S&R Controls LP designs, builds, and integrates state-of-the-art conveyor control panels. Our primary focus is reliable, quality control panels. In addition, we take into account the ever growing demand for highly efficient and flexible material handling systems. S&R Controls LP integrates trusted industry components and VFD drives like Allen Bradley, SquareD, and Yaskawa. With integrated conveyor controls, S&R has been able to address existing issue such as conveyor jams, equipment crashes, and operator set-up errors.

S&R Controls is able to integrate existing conveys, palletizing equipment, and production equipment into a unified control system. This can allow for a single operator location to start, stop, monitor and track equipment and production efficiency.

Allen Bradley Conveyor Controls












 Integrate Conveyor Controls into Existing Equipment:


  • Labels and box printers
  • Sortation equipment
  • Bar code readers
  • Vision inspection and identification equipment like Cognex and Banner
  • Check weighs
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Stretch wrappers
  • Operator safety controls and safety systems



S&R Controls LP use industry drives, components, and PLC’s such as Rockwell Automation’s Allen Bradley, Crouzet, Red Lion, Banner, SquareD, and Opto22.



Material Handling Control Applications


  • Conveyor Control Panels
  • Machine and Motion Control Panels
  • Safety System Control Panels
  • Vision System Inspection Controls
  • Robot Automation Integration
  • Production Metrics Capture and Display


Robot System Integration


In cooperation with S&R Robot Systems LLC, S&R Controls can also develop and deploy integrated robot automation systems, such as palletizers, de-palletizers, and case packers.






Pallet Conveyor Controls

Robot Integration Controls


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